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Dancer, teacher and wellness consultant with over 20 years of experience in Singapore, Bali and Toulouse. I share with you my passion for movement and wellness through classes and workshops that will leave you relaxed, restored and uplifted wherever you are. Let me take you to exquisite and inspirational wellness retreats in beautiful sacred places across the globe that will certainly rejuvenate your wellbeing. A gateway to an ultimate wellness experience that balances your body, mind, soul and bring out the best of what you can be. 

NEWS !!!! Post-Lockdown 2020

Support Bali
Food Drive

Receive Free Access to Classes
& Services!!

For a donation of 25€, you feed a family of 4 for 2 weeks. There is no fixed amount, donate whatever you want. I am a believer of Small Acts, Big Impacts!!

Solemen Fundation

Solemen Indonesia was founded in 2010 by Robert Epston. He and I share a network of mutual family and friends living in the island. Solemen’s mission lies in providing proper care and support for the handicap and mentally disabled in Bali. They organise fundraising regularly with support from local and international companies, endorsed by the governor of Bali himself.

Since Bali is completely dependant on tourisme, our current pandemic situation has put many balinese families in need of help. With zero tourism and the lack of government aid since the end of March, Solemen has organised an emergency Food Drive. Help is so much needed right now!


You may remain anonymous, but please kindly include in the comment box "Donation by Art Indigo Toulouse". You will be informed of the total amount collected by end of June.

Donate here

All donations to be made directly through
the goGetFunding website

Your Donation gives you ACCESS to the following services:

Online Pilates group classes in French with ZOOM by Art Indigo

  • Dates: 22/05 til 15/08
  • Tuesdays 13h30 by Flora < All Levels >
  • Wednesdays 17h by Luciana < Inter. Level >
  • Mondays / Fridays 10h by Luciana < All Levels >

Private online classes with Skype by Sindia

  • Dates: 22/05 til 21/08
  • Duration: 50 minutes
  • Class Options: HIIT Pilates, Stretch & Restorative Pilates, Dynamic Flow Yoga
  • by skype only
Your camera + sound will need to be turned on for this class to be effective

Private classes in MY home / outdoors (city center parks)

  • Dates: 26/05 til 15/07
  • Duration: 70 minutes
  • Class Options: HIIT Pilates, Stretch & Restorative Pilates, Dynamic Flow Yoga
  • Circuit PILATES EQUIPMENT Class @MY home

Open to Duo/Trio requests for outdoor classes

Due to very high demand, all private classes must be booked in advanced.